Montessori Nursery and Day Care Testimonials for Wheeler End

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Please read recommendations supplied by parents whose children have attended the Montessori nursery in Wheeler End, Bucks.

“Our 2 elder children have been attending Sunshine for a year now and we are thrilled with their progress. They are always very happy to arrive at Sunshine and often ask to go at the weekend and even when they are ill. The staff are excellent, being compassionate, caring and nurturing, whilst also being skilled at developing children’s potential and are always looking to encourage their interest in a wide variety of areas. The nursery is very well equipped with a huge variety of Montessori activities which stimulate and challenge the children. The children work together, fostering a spirit of respect and trust. The outdoor activities are numerous and the children enjoy an environment where they can learn at their own pace, building confidence and self esteem. The atmosphere is fantastically supportive celebrating each child’s individuality. Virginia Roden and her team are providing the best possible start to our children’s education, developing creativity, numerical, language and social skills.” – Zoe Torr

“Thank you and everyone at Sunshine for all your hard work, dedication and love you have shown Jerome and the whole family. I’m so glad you talked me into coming to Sunshine at Wheeler End. It’s been so wonderful for me in terms of not having to rush around and pick him up at the end of the day. Knowing that he’s fed and happy is such a bonus too.

Virginia, your team are a credit to you and the nursery – without a good boss you don’t get good staff, and that shows through and through. THANK YOU again to you and your team.” – Monique Burke

School equipment at Montessori Nursery in Wheeler End

Sunshine Montessori Nursery ethos

Children playing at Sunshine Montessori Nursery