Montessori Nursery in Wheeler End, Ofsted Report

Extracts From Our Ofsted Report 2008

ofsted report Our Ofsted report can be read in full at the Ofsted site. Please click to read more

Sunshine Montessori Wheeler End Nursery received an excellent report in its 2008 Oftsted inspection.

Extract from Ofsted report November 2008:

Overall effectiveness of the early years provision

Children are very confident and happy. They are making good progress in their learning and clearly enjoy their time at nursery. Practitioners work well together to ensure outcomes for all children are effectively promoted. Children’s well-being and development is at the centre of their practice and they form excellent partnerships with parents and others to ensure all individual needs are met

The leadership and management of the early years provision

The nursery is effectively led and managed by a confident and qualified team of practitioners. The owner has a clear understanding of the setting’s strengths and weaknesses, and works closely with staff to ensure the nursery runs smoothly.

The quality and standards of the early years provision

Children play in a stimulating and well organised environment, which enables them to develop and flourish. Practitioners support children well and demonstrate a very good understanding of children’s individual stages of development.

Nursery alphabet letter at Montessori nursery Wheeler End, Bucks